I can’t help but think about how mean we truly are with each other. From the way we reject people, to the comments that we make, to the jokes that we say…something doesn’t feel right.

This life starts to feel superficial.. We stopped sharing our life stories in long conversations until 3 in the morning, our beliefs, our faith and our sins. We pretend so much that we live the perfect life in our Instagram stories that we actually forget to live in the moment.

Maybe the act of making love is the only one that can stop people for a second and make them feel something, a connection, something deeper and closer to how we truly are. Or maybe I’m romanticising sex as everything else lately.

I’m overthinking again


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But as time went on my thought process changed.

My interpretation changed. 

My vision changed. 

I changed. 

Im continually changing. 

Growing. Becoming better.

I have learned to see the miracles in the smallest things. 

Find beauty in the most lost places. See the light in the darkest of times.

I treasure everything. Life is a gift. 

And I am blessed.

Blessed beyond what I ever imagined I could gain in life.

I have become more spiritual rather than religious. Though don’t automatically label me as not believing in God or belonging to a certain faith or practice. What I have evolved into is not something that can fall into one category. Its a collection of beliefs and practices that feels right for me. For my family. For life. And its a ever growing knowledge of what is right for me.I feel so incredibly blessed to have found this level of enlightenment at such a relatively young age. Some people will go their whole lives not knowing this feeling, this way of life. 

I am following my own path, not that which others expect me to walk. I am being true to myself. After all, this is my life. No one else’s. And when this life comes to an end I don’t want to have any regrets. 

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If there is still one thing that shocks and terrifies me in this life that is my heart.

ps: happy 3 years anniversary to this blog which was supposed to be my diary, but you see..I have truly no idea who I was in the past 3 years. Glad to be back.

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